Skin Types

Where does your skin fit it?

Before tanning (indoors our outdoors), it is important to understand your skin type to minimize the likelihood of sunburn.

The questions below act as a tool in estimating how long you should tan, though ultimately education and experience are the best guides. There are six different classifications used by dermatologists ranging from Skin Type 1 (almost never tan) to Skin Type 6 (naturally dark skin that seems to tan endlessly). When you come in to use our equipment, please be sure to ask our staff for more information.


This in part, is guided by your skin type. It is very important to establish your skin type as this highlights the way our body responds to UV. Skin Types are categorised as follows:


  • Skin Type 1: Very Sensitive Skin – Definition: Typically red/blond hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin.
  • Skin Type 2: Sensitive Skin – Definition: Typically fair to light brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, light to medium skin.
  • Skin Type 3: Normal Skin Sensitivity – Definition: Typically medium to olive skin, medium to brown hair, grey/brown eyes.
  • Skin Type 4: Skin very well resistant to the sun – Definition: Typically dark olive to light brown skin, dark eyes and dark hair.
  • Skin Types 5 and 6: Naturally tanned/dark skin – Definition: Typically dark hair, eyes and skin.


Salon Sun skin types


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