Tanning Lotions and Enhancers

Using a lotion before and after your tan at Salon Sun

At Salon Sun we have always endorsed healthy and responsible tanning. Integral to this is using a lotion before you use a sunbed. Moisturising your skin is the key to building and maintaining a healthy and long lasting tan.

Your skin naturally reflects up to 60% of UV light without the use of tanning lotions. You could therefore be wasting tanning sessions without using lotions! Tanning lotions are the alternative to having too many sessions, promoting great results with less UV exposure.


When on holiday most people apply an SPF lotion before UV exposure and an after sun after showering at the end of the day. This also applies when you use sun beds. It is vital that you follow up with moisturiser after using  a sun bed to maintain your tan and ensure ongoing tanning results….moisturised skin tans better!


Lotions available to purchase at Salon Sun include:


  • Australia Gold – for over 20 years, the Australian Gold brand has produced tanning lotions with superior bronzing power, advanced skincare and unbeatable results
  • Power Tan – manufactures professional tanning products to a world-wide customer base of salons and distributors in over 24 countries, one of the finest most effective sunbed tanning lotions available today.


Ask about our lotions and enhancers at reception when you next call into Salon Sun.


Australian Gold

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