Safe Tanning Beds

We provide a range of modern stand up and lie down tanning beds

We regulary re-tube our tanning beds every six months with the latest twist tubes to fully optimise your tanning experience.


UV Lie Down tanning beds

Combat pre-holiday paleness & worries-with UV lay down sunbeds tanning at Salon Sun. If you are looking for all year round radiance, or simply want to prepare your skin for defense against your holiday sun, then our UV Lay Down sunbeds are ideal. Salon Sun offer a variety of tanning units, each one catering for your desired tanning experience and with no risk of burning or over exposure.


Unlike conventional tanning machines, the lay down tanning beds at Salon Sun are fully air-conditioned, an integral 3D-Sound system will provide an exceptional sound experience so that you may relax and enjoy your visit whilst the aroma therapy’s “Ergoline” large lie boasts more tubes than other lie downs. The wider bed offers a more relaxed and comfortable tanning session with complimentary shoulder tanners and a contoured base. A choice of aroma therapy settings are voice guided for that ultra tanning experience.


UV Stand Up tanning beds

Reduce your time, effort & money on tanning, with the UV Stand up sunbeds at Salon Sun. Why let time dictate your tan, our UV Stand Up sunbeds offer a convenient and hygienic approach to tanning. It’s a fast and effective way to amplify your golden glow without breaking the bank providing excellent tanning results in a relaxed environment, utilising 360 degree body lamps guaranteeing flawless and even results.

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